Dr. Michael Watkins
Michael Watkins
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

To pursue our vision to “explore space in pursuit of scientific discoveries that benefit humanity,” the JPL 2018 Strategic Implementation Plan responds to the NASA 2018 Strategic Plan and to the exciting new developments in the worlds of science, technology, and commercial space.

We will pursue our long-term scientific Quests with a diverse and bold portfolio of missions as we push the limits of space exploration technology by developing and fielding ever more capable autonomous robotic systems. We will strengthen our core expertise while developing and maintaining strategic partnerships with other NASA centers, U.S. national laboratories, academia, industry, and our international partners.

We will build a robust Laboratory of the future that fosters a culture of innovation, openness, and inclusiveness, and we will transform our systems to promote easier collaboration and information sharing. How we conduct our business is as important to JPL, and to our ultimate success, as what we do. We will also continue to inspire the world through our stories and our journey into space.

We will strengthen our end-to-end mission capabilities and accelerate the infusion of new technologies and capabilities into our future missions. We will support American leadership in space and as we Dare Ever Mightier Things.


To “explore space in pursuit of scientific discoveries that benefit humanity,” we will:

  1. Pursue a diverse and bold portfolio of science missions

  2. Create the Laboratory of the future, defined by a talented and inclusive workforce, rapid information sharing, and a culture of innovation

  3. Strengthen our end-to-end capability while accelerating technology infusion into our missions