In-Space Robotic Assembly

In-space robotic assembly, servicing, and manufacturing are bold new ways of thinking about implementing future science missions. It holds the potential to enable new missions that cannot be launched today, enhance missions with the ability to repair and upgrade components, and dramatically alter the risk and cost postures of space missions. JPL is formulating new architectures, developing technologies, and forging collaborations toward the next generation of science missions that leverage this new paradigm.

Science Station

In collaboration with industry, JPL is developing robotic technologies for a robotically assembled and serviced persistent platform for hosting Earth observation payloads.

In-Space Assembled Telescope

JPL is developing concepts and technologies, along with ground demonstrations, for in-space, robotically assembled optical telescopes, starshades, interferometers, radars, and communication payloads.

Aggregates of SmallSats and CubeSats

Can a large asset be redesigned to be made of smaller CubeSat or SmallSat components that can be assembled together in space using robotic manipulators for berthing and adjustability? JPL is developing robotic solutions for this.