New Millennium Program
Credits and Contacts

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Press Releases
6/29/06 NASA's Micro-Satellites Complete Technology Validation Mission
4/20/06 NASA, Space Technology 5 (ST5) Status Report
3/22/06 NASA's Space Technology 5 Satellites Soar Into Space
3/21/06 ST5 Spacecraft Launch Set for Wednesday
3/6/06 NASA Sets Media Events for Space Technology 5 Launch
10/14/05 New Satellites Push Tech Boundaries
7/20/05 NASA Selects Advanced Technology Providers (ST9)
1/28/05 NASA Selects Technology Validation Experiments (ST8)
6/25/04 New Software on NASA Spacecraft Monitors Active Volcano (ST6)
6/14/04 NASA 'Evolutionary' software automatically designs antenna (ST5)
4/4/04 DS2 Follow On Experiment Workshop
4/1/03 ST9 Technology Planning Workshop (Proceedings)
4/6/03 ESE Technology Planning Workshop (Proceedings)
9/13/03 ST8 Technologies Selected for Concept Study
9/3/02 Ion Engine to Open Up the Solar System.
6/27/02 NASA Selects Teams to Lead Development of Next-Generation Ion Engine and Advanced Technology.
6/24/02 NASA's Earth Observing Technology Satellite Proves a Success. Additional Information
8/6/01 NASA Selects Advanced Technology Concepts for Further Study. Additional Information
1/1/01 Space Technology 6 Technologies Selected
12/10/99 New Millennium Program Selects Advanced Earth-Observing Concept
8/19/99 Space Technology 5: Press Release and Technology Announcement (MS Word format)
6/11/99 EO3 Mission Concept Team Membership Announced
4/12/99 Earth Observing 3 Technology Announcement
3/2/99 Earth Observing 3 Concepts Selected
5/25/95 Bold New Space Flight Technologies in Review for 21st Century

Workshop Proceedings

DS1 Technology Validation Symposium, Pasadena, CA
(Held February 8-9, 2000)
Autonomous Optical Navigation (AutoNav) Presentation
Beacon Monitor Experiment (Beacon) Presentation
Ion Propulsion System (IPS) Presentation (IPS)
Presentation (IDS)
Ka-Band Power Amplifier (KAPA) Presentation
Low Power Experiment (LPE) Presentation
Multifunctional Structures (MFS) Presentation
Miniature Integrated Camera Spectrometer (MICAS)  
Power Actuation and Switching Module (PASM) Presentation
Plasma Experiment for Planetary Exploration (PEPE) Presentation
Remote Agent Experiment (RAX) Presentation
Solar Concentrator Arrays with Linear Element Technology (Scarlet) Presentation
Small Deep Space Transponder (SDST) Presentation

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