New Millennium Program


Many people contribute to the success of the New Millennium Program with their dedication to the overall technology development and validation program or to the specific projects and missions of which they are part. A cross section of these individuals——scientists, engineers, managers, academicians——are featured here. Check back often to view new profiles of these remarkable people.

  • Ardeshir Azarbarzin, Space Technology 5, Project Manager
  • Steve Chien——Space Technology 6, Lead ASE Technologist
  • Artur Chmielewski——Space Technology 6, Project Manager and ISC Experiment Manager; Space Technology 8, Project Manager and Experiment Manager
  • Donya Douglas——Space Technology 5, Lead Thermal Engineer
  • Charles Dunn, Space Technology 7, Lead Technologist
  • Dwayne Eacret (ATK), Space Technology 8, Ultraflex
  • William Folkner——Space Technology 7, Lead Technologist (former)
  • Linda Herrell——Program Architect
  • Jentung Ku (NASA GSFC), Space Technology 8, Thermal Loop Principal Investigator
  • Mike McEacheon (ATK)——Space Technology 8 Sailmast Principal Investigator
  • Doug McLennan——Space Technology 5, Former Project Manager
  • Marc Rayman——Deep Space 1, Project Manager
  • John Samson (Honeywell)——Space Technology 8, Dependable Multiprocessor
  • Rob Sherwood——Space Technology 6, ASE Experiment Manager
  • James Slavin——Space Technology 5, Project Scientist
  • Chris Stevens——NMP Manager (retired)
  • John Stocky——NMP Manager
  • Stephen Ungar——EO1, Project Scientist

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