New Millennium Program
Credits and Contacts

Deep Space 1 (DS1)
A mission to test 12 new technologies, primarily the xenon ion propulsion engine, with an extended mission to study the comet Borrelly.

Deep Space 2 (DS2)
A mission to test two miniature probes carrying ten experimental technologies.

Discovery Program
A NASA program that explores space, with lower-cost, highly focused planetary science investigations designed to enhance our understanding of the solar system.

Earth Observing 1 (EO1)
An NMP mission to test a hyperspectral satellite sensor called Hyperionand an advanced land imager.

Earth Observing 3 (EO3)
An NMP mission to test the geosynchronous imaging spectrometer fourier transform instrument on weather patterns (now cancelled).

Enterprise Assoicate Administrator (EAA)
An individual who authorizes the preparation of a NASA Research Announcement.

Explorer Program
A NASA program that provides frequent flight opportunities for world-class scientific investigations from space utilizing innovative, streamlined, and efficient management approaches.

NASA Research Announcement (NRA)
A solicitation for a validation project.

Space Science Enterprise (SSE)
A NASA division responsible for all of NASA's programs relating to astronomy, the solar system, and the sun and its interaction with Earth.

Space Technology 5 (ST5)
An NMP mission to test miniaturized satellites in Earth's magnetosphere.

Space Technology 6 (ST6)
An NMP mission to test two advanced, experimental technologies for use on spacecraft of the future: the Autonomous Sciencecraft Experiment and the Inertial Stellar Compass.

Space Technology 7
An NMP mission to test precision spacecraft control, validating position-measurement of objects in weightlessness with 100 times greater accuracy than ever before.

Space Technology 8 (ST8)
A mission to test commercial off-the-shelf technologies

Space Technology 9 (ST9)
A mission to test system-level technology selected from the concept areas of consideration within solar sail system technology, formation flying system technology, system technology for large space telescopes, descent and terminal guidance for pinpoint landing and hazard avoidance, and aerocapture system technology for planetary missions.

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