M-Cubed/COVE is the Michigan Multipurpose Minisatellite (M-Cubed) carrying the CubeSat On-board processing Validation Experiment (COVE). M-Cubed/COVE-2 is the reflight of a 1U CubeSat developed by U. Michigan to image the Earth at mid-resolution, approximately 200m per pixel, carrying the JPL developed COVE technology validation experiment. The COVE technology payload will validate an image processing algorithm designed for the Multiangle Spectropolarimetric Imager (MSPI) utilizing the first in-space application of a new radiation-hardened-by-design Virtex5-QV FPGA by Xilinx.

This technology validation mission, sponsored by NASA's Earth Science Technology Office, will advance the technology required for the future spaceborne implementation of the MSPI instrument required for real-time high data rate instrument signal processing relevant to cloud and aerosol science, as well as future Earth observing missions, supporting the Earth Science Decadal Survey.

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