The Keck Interferometer was a ground-based instrument that combined the light from the twin Keck telescopes to create an instrument equal in power to an 85-meter telescope that could detect and study stars and planets beyond our solar system.

Astronomers used the interferometer, which provided vital information about exoplanets and planetary formation, to measure the diameters of stars, disks orbiting nearby stars and the orbital characteristics of binary systems.

Mission Events

Note: As of end of semester 2012A, the Keck Interferometer is no longer operational. KI data are now archived in the Keck Observatory Archive and may be obtained here.

Scientific Instrument(s)

- Keck Telescopes (2)
- Adaptive optics system
- Dual-star module (DSM)
- Coude Train
- Beam transport system
- Delay Lines & Metrology
- Fringe Tracker
- Angle Tracker
- Nulling Combiner
- Control System