*Update: Monday, Oct. 11, 2021 – See below for the latest information regarding important updates on JPL's internship and fellowship programs. We will continue to update this page as more information becomes available. For additional information and questions, please contact your program coordinator.

Coronavirus FAQs

Due to the current state of the coronavirus pandemic, JPL employees who can work remotely are encouraged to telework. Internships will continue to operate as remote until the lab fully opens for all employees during Stage 1. Participants will be notified once this happens.

The JPL Education Office is continuing with all programs at this time. However, current students are teleworking with their mentors on telework-compatible project elements (e.g., coding, data analysis, CAD, etc.).

Current interns are teleworking with their mentors on elements of their assignments that are telework-compatible (coding, data analysis, CAD, etc.).

The process for starting tele-interning is as follows. Note: Does not require travel to or co-location at JPL:

  • Onboarding credentials will be "remote-only." Documentation and information will be exchanged via web tools. (Detailed instruction will be sent to students with accepted offers.)
  • Students may use their personal computer with a Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) to Amazon Web Services (cloud-based), which will provide access to a PC image of a typical JPL laptop software suite. (Detailed instruction will be sent to students with accepted offers.)
  • JPL will provide enrichment activities, such as technical seminars, professional development seminars and diversity and inclusion events via web tools (e.g., WebEx).