NASA Pi Day Challenge, Pi in the Sky 5 Promo


Friday, March 8 - Saturday, March 16



Target Audience:

K-12 students and educators, parents, museums, science centers and planetariums


On March 14, NASA will join schools, students and science centers across the U.S. as they celebrate one of the most well known and beloved numbers: pi. Used throughout the STEM world – especially for space exploration! – pi is the number that results from dividing the circumference of any circle by its diameter. Pi can be and often is rounded to 3.14 (even though its decimals never end), which is why 3/14 has been designated National Pi Day.

In early March, look for the 2019 NASA Pi Day Challenge, an illustrated math problem set featuring four new challenges that get students exploring space with pi. Until then, explore previous challenges and find out how many decimals of pi people at NASA use and how they use the mathematical constant to explore space.

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