NASAJPL Educator Resource Center

Get free math and science teaching materials, attend training workshops and get hands-on demonstrations to illustrate classroom activities. Find it all at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Educator Resource Center in Pasadena, California.

What can I expect from the Educator Resource Center?

  • Each educator has unique needs. The JPL staff works with educators to find out what they need and provide appropriate NASA resources.

  • Educators may receive single copies of posters, lithograph pictures, educator guides with activities, booklets and information on NASA/JPL missions (subject to supplies on hand).

  • Educators can call the Educator Resource Center to learn about receiving materials via mail.

  • Workshops are conducted at JPL in Pasadena, California.

Who Can Utilize the NASA/JPL Educator Resource Center?
All NASA Educator Resource Centers are free, however they are intended for educators. You will be best served if you fit in one of these groups:

  • Classroom educators teaching pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

  • Informal educators from museums, planetariums or science centers.

  • Scout leaders and other group leaders.

  • Homeschoolers, after-school program educators, colleges, universities and other education-related groups.

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