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Doing Great Things in the New Millennium

Children Leave Their Mark on the History of Deep Space 1

New Millennium Program Educational and Public Outreach

Child's drawing
Artist : Jamie Hidinger
Patterson Elementary School

The New Millennium Program and its Missions focus on such issues as supporting and augmenting good models of existing science education programs rather than creating entirely new ones; identifying specific ways to integrate program and mission content into existing educational delivery systems; and inspiring underrepresented minorities to get involved and stay involved in science. A teacher-advisor has been involved in outreach planning from the program's inception, and reviews all New Millennium education outreach programs and activities.

Deep Space 1 also has partnerships with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and with the International Technology Education Association (ITEA) to educate children about the practical uses of technology. Curriculum on the ion drive as well as the beacon monitor operations of the Deep Space 1 project have been published in the ITEA's Technology Teacher magazine. Also, Deep Space 1 has educational activities on The Space Place, which is an exciting new Internet site designed primarily to introduce young students and their teachers to some of the latest and most advanced technologies being developed for use on space missions of the future. With its combination of fun activities and related informative technical/scientific fun facts, it provides a unique learning experience.

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