Screen capture from the Exploring Mars With Scratch lesson from NASA/JPL Edu

This week is Computer Science Education Week, an annual event meant to encourage and inspire K-12 students to explore computer programming. Students, teachers and curious learners of all ages are participating by using an hour of their week to create computer code as part of the Hour of Code initiative. Whether your students are experienced programmers or just learning the basics, this is a great opportunity to take part and get students engaged in computer science!

Try this lesson from NASA/JPL Edu to get involved and bring the excitement of NASA Mars exploration to students:

Explore Mars With Scratch Lesson from NASA/JPL Edu

Explore Mars With Scratch
(Grades 3-8)

In this lesson, students learn about surface features on Mars, then use the visual programming language Scratch to create a Mars exploration game

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  • Lyle Tavernier