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Space Technology 6: Testing Tomorrow's Technology Today!
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  • Site Development and Content Authoring:  Diane Fisher and Sandi Beck

  • Project Liasons:  Arthur B. Chmielewski, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

  • Graphic Design:  Alexander Novati (Lead Graphic Designer) and ST6 Project Personnel (selected technology illustrations). Benefits Montage courtesy of Scott Brenneisen.

  • JPL Official:  Nancy J. Leon, New Millennium Program Outreach Coordinator

  • Media Relations: Jane Platt, Media Relations Specialist, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, (818) 354-0880

  • Project Managers: Artur B. Chmielewski, Contact:  Steve Chien, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Autonomous Sciencecraft Experiment, and W. Wyman, Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inertial Stellar Compass



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