Office supplies, craft materials, space stickers and other objects strewn across a wood floor.


Learning Space with NASA at Home is a learning resource for students featuring an extensive collection of educational activities for home-learning, video tutorials (available with subtitles en Español), and an FAQ for families. This page includes information educators can use to incorporate Learning Space activities into their teaching. To go directly to Learning Space, click on the card below. 



  • Learning Space content can be explored by students independently, assigned as work for individual students, or completed together as whole-class or group work.
  • Most Learning Space projects mirror existing standards-aligned lessons from NASA-JPL Education. If a companion educator guide is available for a given student activity featured on Learning Space, a green "Go to Educator Guide" button will be visible at the top of the activity page. Click on the educator guide button to explore standards alignment information for that activity. Teacher activity guides will also include a button linking to companion student projects ("Go to Student Project") if available.
  • Learning Space projects are designed to be completed using materials that students may have available at home. Many projects allow for students to get creative if they do not have the suggested materials by finding and using alternative materials or developing innovative solutions to complete the project.


NASA’s science discoveries, engineering innovations, and groundbreaking missions provide inspiration for students learning STEM concepts. Whether they’re at home or in the classroom, students can engage in hands-on learning using materials that can be found at home while learning about the work being done by scientists and engineers at NASA.


  1. Visit the Learning Space With NASA at Home web page to explore student activities and video tutorials.