Solar System Family Portrait - Artist's Concept

UPDATE - Aug. 31, 2016: Our Solar System Bulletin Board materials are out of stock. To download and print out the resources, click on the links next to each product.

Get ready for back-to-school with a “Solar System Bulletin Board” for your school, classroom, library or educational program. The NASA/JPL Educator Resource Center is offering free back-to-school materials featuring NASA images, science and fun facts.

The set includes:

    Titan Poster

    Titan Poster
    This poster features an image of Saturn’s mysterious moon Titan taken by NASA’s Cassini mission at Saturn as well as activities for students in grades 1 through 8.

    Solar System Lithograph

    Solar System Lithograph Set
    Featuring NASA images of planets, moons, asteroids, comets and other solar system bodies, this Solar System Lithograph set also includes key facts about each body.

    Solar System Extreme Facts LithographExtreme Space Facts Lithograph

    This lithograph features a solar system “family portrait” on one side and 16 extreme space facts on the other.

    Saturn PosterSaturn and Our Pale Blue Orb Lithograph

    This stunning lithograph featuring an image of Earth as seen at Saturn describes how the image was captured by NASA’s Cassini mission at Saturn.

    The NASA/JPL Educator Resource Center provides formal and informal educators with NASA resources and materials that support STEM learning. For more information, visit the Educator Resource Center page.

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