Hannah's science project is due tomorrow but her model of the solar system isn't finished and it's past her bedtime. How will she get it done? With a little help from her friends — the most talented troupe in the Milky Way!

Video Transcripts


[MOM] Earth to Hannah, time for bed.

[HANNAH] OK Mom, just a little bit longer. I'm finishing up my solar system project for the science fair tomorrow.

[MOM] OK, five minutes.

Up there out there
I want to go out there
Where life is like
A giant science fair

Wishin' I was on a mission
Like Stardust or Kepler or Dawn
Cruising the planets and beyond
Seeing where it all comes from

The only place for me
A place I can be free
It's where I got to be

The only place for me
A place I can be free
It's where I got to be

The project's due tomorrow
And I have to go to bed

[MOM] OK Hannah, time's up

But I gotta finish it tonight
Or else I'll get an F

[MOM] I'm serious, Hannah

[HANNAH] OK, I'm almost done

If I was smart as Einstein
I'd have an easier time
Like Newton or Galileo
Those guys are my heroes

All the kids at school
Don't think I'm very cool
They call me space cadet
Wish I could fly away in a rocket

The only place for me
A place I can be free
It's where I got to be

The only place for me
A place I can be free
It's where I got to be

Where I got to be
Where I got to be
Where I got to be.

Planetary Posse

[HANNAH] Wow. Where am I? Who are you guys?

We are the place to be in the Galaxy
The Planetary Posse for everybody to see
We are the place to be in the Galaxy
If you don't hang with me
You're just a wanna-be!

I am the Sun burning bright for everyone
Four million tons of hydrogen turned helium

It's no delusion - it's just nuclear fusion
It's been proven that I'm always movin'

I've got the pull - keepin y'all in line
Got ya' spinning on your axis throughout space and time

Put your hands up in the air to see a solar flare
C'mon feel the commotion of this giant explosion!

He's hot (How hot?)
10,000 degrees
He's big (How big?)
Almost a million miles
He's old (How old?)
4 billion years
And if you don't believe me, just ask my peers.

We got Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars
They're my crew along with all the other moons and stars
There's Jupiter, Saturn and of course Uranus
He's a really nice planet though his name is heinous
Don't forget Neptune, Pluto and his dwarfy friends
The Universe is cool because it never ends.

Each one of these peeps has got something to say
The most talented troupe in the Milky Way

Yo' I'm Mercury, you can call me Merc
First planet in line but that don't make me a jerk.

Yeah, I'm #1, I go around the sun
In just 88 days, I get cold and then I blaze.

I'm not tilted or wilted 'cuz I got no air
Covered with craters so please don't stare.

I'm rocky and stocky built like a jockey
Smallest of our bunch, made with metals, packed with punch - Yo'!

V to the E to the N – U – S
I'm the hottest and brightest, don't be envious

I've got a nickname, it's "Morning Star"
And I'm covered in clouds that are thick as tar

There are volcanoes all over my surface
Forgive me if I'm volatile, it's not on purpose

I'm the 2nd closet planet to the Sun
If you like sulfuric acid we could have some fun

Third is the word, my name is Planet Earth
I'm oozing with life, every day I give birth

To plants and people and animals and bugs
I'm like a big round mama and I love to give hugs

To the north pole - Whoa!
And the south pole - Whoa!
To the moon - Whoa!
And the O2 - Whoa!

I'm a blue and white marble, floating in space
With jungles, rocks, and oceans and tectonic plates

I got an atmosphere, biosphere, geosphere and hydrosphere
And if that's not enough I even got a cryosphere

8,000 miles wide but I don't need a diet
Got lots of gravity, dare you to defy it
I've got summer, winter, spring and fall
If you haven't guessed yet - I've got it all!

'Sup I'm Mars - I'm red as rust
Topped with canyons and craters all covered in dust

Got CO2 and H2O
Will people live on me? Wouldn't you like to know?

I got 24 hours in my day
And I'm a lot like Earth some scientists say

But I own 2 moons and lots of dunes
C'mon hit the floor for planet # 4

I'm Jupiter and I'm really huge
The largest planet, in fact, with 62 moons

Got a Great Red Spot on my face
And I'm the fastest spinner if you wanna race

I've got colored bands, a giant made of gas
There are clouds and storms all over my mass

Takes me 12 years to orbit 'round the sun
If you jive with # 5 then I'm your favorite one.

Hey everybody, I'm 6th and I'm Saturn
I got swirly winds in a stripey pattern

I'm pretty famous for my pretty rings
But what I really love to do is dance and sing

With my 62 moons I'm never alone
Hydrogen and helium call me their home

My magnetosphere makes a gorgeous aurora
Loop the Sun in 29 years, hope that doesn't bore ya'

I'm lucky # 7, Uranus is my name
Living way up in the heavens, got some ice and methane

I like to spin on my side
And in reverse, kick it with a backslide

I'm electric and greenish blue
Got lots of seasons and 27 moons

In 84 years I'll orbit our Sun
Doing windmills the whole way, poppin', lockin', spinning, spun

Yo' I'm Neptune and I'm really far out
I've got a Great Dark Spot, that's nothin' to laugh about

I'm freezing cold, got methane ice
I'm blue as an ocean in paradise

My 13 moons and I like to travel
Plus I've got a few rings made of rocks and gravel

All of my days are not very long
Just 17 hours - almost as long as this song

I'm the 8th and last planet out of my homies
165 years from the Sun - it can get kinda lonely

Hi I'm Pluto and I've been demoted
I demand a recount for all who voted

Now I'm a dwarf planet hangin' in the Kuiper Belt
But I still can jam it, so cool I'll never melt

I got 3 moons and a few new pals
Here's the other dwarfs in alphabetical

There's Ceres, Eris, Haumea and Makemake
Maybe 200 more which is quite a shocka'

I'm the king of the munchkins but that's alright
I'm still a stella fella and I'll always shine bright

    Orbital Mechanics/Gravity

    [HANNAH] Space is so cool! It's like a big party. There's a pulse that keeps the groove, but what make everything move?

    We like to move it. We like to groove it. We like to, we like to, we like to move it.

    Gravity's got a grip on me, gravity can get heavy
    Gravity's a force that brings me down, down, down, down

    Rotation needs coordination
    Dizzy whizzy fly gyration
    Whirling, swirling, turning, spinning
    Round, round, round, round

    Revolution is the way we roll
    Ring around the orbital
    Swivel, cycle, circle
    Loop the Sun, Sun, Sun, Sun

    Magnetizing is hypnotizing
    It's so strong there's no compromising
    Attracting, bringing, pulling,
    It's so fun, fun, fun, fun

    Propulsion is to accelerate
    Caffeinate right into space
    Push, propel, launch
    Into the air, air, air, air

    Trajectory - what the heck does that mean?
    Hit a moving mark accurately
    Direct connect, aiming
    But to where, where, where, where

    Gravity. It's a pull party. Gravity. You got a hold on me.
    Rotation. No fakin'. Rotation. Gyration.
    Revolution. Keep loopin'. Revolution. Keeps cruisin'
    Magnetize. Hey guys. Magnetize. Don't be shy.
    Propulsion. Keep the motion. Propulsion. Big explosion.
    Trajectory. You got the best of me. Trajectory. Aim for what you see.

    We like to move it, move it. We like to groove it, groove it.
    We like to, we like to, we like to -- MOVE IT!!!

    Moon Dance

    [HANNAH] "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

    It's a marvelous night for a moondance
    So let's moonwalk the night away
    Inviting all of the lunatics
    To come on, come out and play

    We're the moons and we like to orbit
    Staying loyal to our planet
    We go round and round and round it
    So much love we can hardly stand it

    Some like to call us satellites
    There're hundreds of us in the sky
    More moons discovered every day
    Lighting up the darkest nights

    We've all got one thing in common
    That we're totally unique
    Some are huge and some are tiny
    Some are spheres and some are freaks

    Some of us are icy
    Some are dust and rock and stone
    Some of us have really cool names
    And some of us are unknown

    The most famous moon of all
    Is anything but small
    She's the 2nd brightest body in the sky
    She's the Earth's best friend and trusted ally

    She goes simply by the name Moon
    Depending on what language you speak
    Man has walked upon her
    She's a chic antique

    I've got no atmosphere to speak of
    No sound or wind or air
    The footprints that Armstrong left on me
    Are actually still there
    I've got 1/6 of Earth's gravity
    And I'm a quarter of her size
    I might be a bit less powerful
    But I control her oceans' tides

    I'm egg-shaped and have moonquakes
    I attract lots of solar wind
    Got craters, mountains and ice
    Yeah, I'm pretty thick skinned.

    People only see one side of me
    It's my smiling happy face
    But what most of them don't know is
    That I'm moving further away in space – in space.

    We're all stuck in our planets' gravity
    They adopted us long ago
    We feel a devoted harmony
    Staying close to our happy home

    So it's a marvelous night for a moondance
    So let's moonwalk the night away
    Inviting all of the lunatics
    To come on, come out and play

    Space out.

    Meteor-Wrong Blues

    [HANNAH] Wow ... what was that flash of light? Hey – are you a comet?

    [METEOR] A comet? You've got to be kidding me.

    [HANNAH] Oh, I'm sorry. Didn't mean to upset you.

    [METEOR] Kid, you don't know the half of it.

    Sometimes I don't feel right
    Like I'm a Meteor-Wrong
    Wandering alone at night
    So I sing this sad, sad, song
    Cuz I'm misunderstood
    Lots of people think I'm a comet
    And that don't feel so good
    It makes me feel totally unwanted

    Let's set the record straight
    I've got a few types of names
    None of 'em are as hip as Hale Bopp
    But it's my only claim to fame

    When I'm up in space
    I'm called a Meteoroid
    I'm just a pea-sized piece of rock
    I'm homeless and unemployed

    When I'm in Earth's atmosphere
    I'm called a Meteor
    Just a quick flash of light
    I'm sorry if you wanted more
    But I'm doing the best
    I'm doing the best that I can
    So if you're looking for something long lasting
    Then I guess I'm not your woman

    They call me a shooting star
    But I'm not even a star
    I'm a tiny piece of debris
    That's going fast and really far
    Sometimes I can reach speeds
    Like 100,000 miles an hour
    But if I'm from a comet
    You can see me in a meteor shower

    Sometimes I hit the ground
    That's when I'm a Meteorite
    I cause a big explosion
    I don't mean to be impolite
    I'm just a complex girl
    A complex girl who makes mistakes
    But if I land on your house
    I didn't mean for everything to break

    So if you wish upon me
    Well, I hope it comes true
    But if it don't
    There's nothin' I can do
    Cuz sometimes I'm just
    A Meteor-Wrong and that is just the truth
    Til then I've got the pitiful Meteor-Wrong blues!!!

    Stand-Up Comet

    Ladies and Gentlemen, direct from the Oort Cloud, it's the funny man himself. Here's Halley.

    Hello everybody -- how we doing tonight? It's good to see ya' here! Wacka! Wacka! Wacka! All right. We're gonna have some fun. My name is Halley, I'm a comet. A stand-up comet. Alrighty then. OK.

    So guys, you're looking good out there. I see a couple shining stars in the audience ... and a couple stars with shiners. Look at that guy over there - he's a real crater face. A face only a mother could love.

    Speaking of mothers, my mother's so old she's made of dust. Zing! Hello. Geez, can't I get a laugh? Ya' think is easy up here. Cut me some slack -- I'm the only guy in space who gets booked every 75 years. Who's my agent? Father Time? Hello. Geez, a black hole has more personality than you guys. Really.

    Lemme tell you, my neighborhood's really gone downhill. The Kuiper belt ain't what it used to be. I've got this crazy rap band blasting me out next door. What are they called, the Neptunes or something? They only good thing about 'em is they're louder than my wife. Hello. Don't even get me started on her.

    My wife -- she's always on me to do something about my hair - she doesn't like the tail. She says mullets went out of style last millennium. I say, "Hey! Mullets are cool. Listen, you got business in the front and party in the back!" Come on! My wife, she's always complaining about my wardrobe. Telling me to pull up my pants 'cuz she can see the moon. So what'd she get me for my 4 billionth birthday? Another asteroid belt. Another one? Can't a guy get some socks? It's cold out here.

    So what do you think about that Saturn? Pretty cute, huh? We go way back. I knew her since she was a kid. Sweet girl but not so clean. Her mother used to say every time she got out of the bathtub she left a ring.

    Believe it or not I'm not much of a ladies man. I've never had much luck with the ladies. I picked up this nickname "Dirty Snowball" somewhere along the way. What's that supposed to mean? First of all I'm made of ice, thank you very much. And I'm no dirtier than all those gas-bag planets like Uranus. Don't even get me started on him. He still owes me money.

    I got a couple of kids. They're a piece of work, I tell ya'. Junior calls himself Hale Bopp -- he's a bright one. He'll go far. But the other ones I hardly ever see ... kids these days, so hard to keep track of 'em. I got this one who's a hooligan. One night he's on a joyride around the solar system and BOOM, crashes right into Jupiter. He said he didn't see it. How can you not see the biggest planet in the solar system. Hello. So I ask him, "Weren't you wearing your glasses?" He says, "Yeah Pops -- but they kept freezing up." Because of the atmosphere.

    Alright, they're telling me rap it up. I gotta get on the bus. The driver's crazy -- all over the road. A real astronut.

    Anyway you've all been great. I hear the food's delicious even though this place lacks atmosphere. And from the sounds of it, an inability to recognize true talent. Me! Tip your waitresses. Keep shooting for the stars. And watch out for those Asteroids. Crazy kids.

    The Asteroid Gang

    We're the asteroids! Yeah!
    Smash, bash, clash, crash
    Slam, wham, bam, ram
    We're the asteroids!
    We're the asteroids!
    We're the asteroids!
    We rock. We rock.

    Made of iron and rock
    And we're born to rock
    No need to talk
    We got Mohawks
    We're the asteroids!
    We rock. We rock.

    We haven't changed
    Not gonna change
    So don't disdain
    If you go insane
    We can be a pain
    But can't be tamed
    'Cuz we're DANGEROUS

    We rock. We rock.
    We rock. We rock.
    We rock. We rock.
    We rock. We rock.
    We're the asteroids!
    We rock.

    We've got a belt
    The Asteroid Belt
    If you hit this belt
    You'll get a welt

    We mosh around
    And can be found
    By Jupiter and Mars

    We're the asteroids! Asteroids!
    We rock.
    We're the asteroids! Asteroids!
    We rock.
    Rock rock rock rock rock rock

    We're strange and small
    But if we fall
    Like a cannonball
    On you you'll call
    The hospital
    Don't take it personal
    We're anarchical
    We're RADICAL!

    We rock, we rock.
    We rock, we rock, we rock rock
    Rock rock rock rock rock rock

    Smash, bash, clash, crash
    Slam, bam, ram, scram
    We're the asteroids!
    We're the asteroids!
    We're the asteroids!
    We rock. We rock. We rock. WE ROCK!

    Oh no, the asteroids crashed into my science project and broke it. I'll never finish it now. I'm gonna fail for sure. I can't believe this. What am I going to do?

    We're the Scientists

    [SCIENTISTS] Yoo hoo! Buongiorno! Hello!

    [HANNAH] Yeah?

    [SCIENTISTS] You called?

    [HANNAH] Um, Are you who I think you are?

    [SCIENTISTS] I think we are who you think we are.

    I'm Galileo.
    I'm Isaac Newton.
    And I'm Albert Einstein.

    [HANNAH] What are you doing here?

    [SCIENTISTS] We've come to take you out of your quagmire.

    (Chorus)We're the scientists, we understand you
    We're the experts, don't be afraid to fail
    We're the scientists, we want to help you
    Believe you can do it - take a breath and exhale

    Life's a big experiment
    We don't know how and why
    But your dreams will never come true
    If you won't even try

    They say the greatest risk
    Is to risk nothing at all
    So get back on that horse
    Every time you fall

    [HANNAH] That's easy for you to say - you're like the most famous geniuses ever. What would you guys know about failing?

    [GALILEO] Oh come on, Bella, nobody's perfect. Take it away, Isaac!

    [NEWTON]I made my big discovery
    When an apple fell on my head
    It could have been a bad day
    But I made a positive of it instead
    Because my mind was open
    I discovered a powerful law
    Gravity rules our planet
    And the whole world was in awe

    [GALILEO] Oh you had it easy!

    I designed the 1st telescope
    To investigate the sky
    But what I ended up discovering
    Actually made me cry.
    Nobody believed my ideas
    Even though I was correct
    When I tried to convince the public
    I was put under arrest!

    [EINSTEIN] Oh you think that's bad ...

    My relatives didn't get relativity
    They made fun of my hair
    They made me regret ever sharing
    That E = MC2 (MC squared)
    But I persisted with my theory
    And found people who understood
    Now I'm a legend
    Like the Little Engine Who Could.

    [SCIENTISTS and HANNAH]Do you think you can? I think I can.
    Do you think you can? I think I can.
    Do you know you can? I know I can.
    Get it? Got it? Good.


    [GALILEO]Scientists are curious people
    We never stop asking questions
    The answers lead to more queries
    And sometimes indigestion

    [NEWTON]To know is to ask
    To ask is to know
    If you're not facing your fears
    Then how will you ever grow?
    For instance ...

    [SCIENTISTS]Copernicus shook things up when he said planets circled the sun
    Fibonacci amd his sequence took quite a while to find the sum
    Kepler's elliptical orbit idea was first taken as fiction
    And Darwin's very theory created controversial friction

    People told Benjamin Franklin to go fly a kite
    And because of Edison's tenacity, we now can see at night
    Mrs. Herschel had ups and downs before she won a prestigious honor
    Huygens skipped dinner observing Saturn's rings and yonder

    Pasteur and his Petri dishes made everybody squirm
    While Halley sat patiently waiting for his comet to return
    Marie Curie was radioactive before she won 2 Nobel Prizes
    And Hubble showed that the universe will always be different sizes

    Goddard was made fun of when he believed man could go to the moon
    While Stephen Hawking and his black hole really cleared the room
    Kuiper gave us new techniques for looking at the sky
    But his ideas weren't even proven until 20 years after he died

    We tell you all these facts, not to bring you down
    But to remind you that we're all human, and we weren't always renowned
    It took years of hard work and belief in our dreams
    But no matter how tough it gets, it's never as bad as it seems

    (Chorus)'Cuz we're the scientists, we understand you
    We're the experts, don't be afraid to fail
    We're the scientists, we want to help you
    Believe you can do it…

    [HANNAH] I believe I can do it!

    [SCIENTISTS] We believe you can do it!

    [ALL] Take a breath and exhale!

    Bye Bye! Ciao! Auf Wiedersehen! Bye!

    Hey Newton - do you have a brother named Fig?

    The Big Bang

    [HANNAH] I know I can do it. I'm going to finish this project, and it's gonna turn out awesome. I'll just ask for a little help from my friends. Together we'll make a big bang!

    [SUN] Space. Solar System.

    [PLANETS] Big Bang. Big-big Bang.

    [MOONS] S-P-A-C-E. Space is where I've got to be.

    [METEOR] S to the P to the A-C-E. Space is the only place for me.

    [COMET] Big Bang

    [ASTEROIDS] Big Bang. Big-big Bang.

    [GRAVITY] Ooo-ooo. Ooo-ooo. Big Bang.

    [ALL] Big Bang. Big-big Bang. Big Bang.

    [HANNAH] The only place for me. A place I can be free. S-P-A-C-E. It's where I've got to be. S-P-A-C-E. It's where I've got to be.