Make your own pair of 3-D glasses fashioned after NASA's Mars rover Curiosity! Customize your glasses with crayons and other decorations, then show us your work.
#RoverView materials


Step 1: Print it out

1. Print it out

Print out the #Roverview 3-D Glasses template. Set your printer to: double-sided, flip along right edge. (You can also print out the front and back on separate pieces of paper and glue or tape them together.)
Step 2: Cut it out

2. Cut it out

Cut around the outside edge of the template. Then cut out the inner squares to make holes for your lenses.
Step 3:

3. Attach the lenses

Use glue or tape to attach a pair of 3-D glasses to the back of the template. Or, if you're using theater gels or another transparent material for your lenses, attach the red lens on the back left side and the blue lens on the back right side.
Step 4: Make it handheld

4. Make it handheld

Attach a Popsicle stick or tongue depressor to the back of the template. If you don't use 3-D glasses for your lenses, this will allow you to easily hold you mask in place.
Step 5: Customize your glasses

5. Customize your glasses

Use crayons and markers to draw designs on your mask and add decorations like stickers, pipe cleaners and pom-poms. See where your curiosity takes you!
Step 6: Show off your creation

6. Show off your creation

Snap a picture wearing your new, stellar 3-D glasses and share it with JPL Education on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #RoverView. Be sure to get your parents' or guardians' permission before sharing your snaps online.

7. Look at space images

Use your 3-D glasses to look at stellar scenes from Earth to Mars and beyond. Check out 3-D space images!