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What's a memory from JPL that you'll take with you in your career? Or tell us what your JPL experience meant to you.
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Noah Suzara

"First off, I would like to thank my mentor, Bryan Kobie, for giving me the ability to explore JPL’s universe. JPL is filled with so many diverse and friendly people that all share a common fascination and passion for discovery and exploration. Throughout the summer, I’ve had a chance to interact with the individuals responsible for filling my textbooks with the information and pictures that have inspired me since I was a child. I have long been inspired by the rich history, missions, and world-first achievements that have been birthed from JPL. The timing was also incredible –  being able to lay my eyes on the next Mars rover before it departs for the Red Planet was amazing. I could even see the Spacecraft Assembly Facility from outside my office window! Once the first Martian colonies arise, I envision that the areas where the rovers and landers touched down will be turned into monuments that represent our collaboration, innovation, and engineering. JPL missions have enriched the scientific community, sparking curiosity from all walks of life. I got goosebumps every morning walking to my desk thinking about everything that JPL offers to the world. I couldn’t imagine doing anything better with my summer, because I’ve been living out my childhood dream."

Noah Suzara, 2511 - Engineering Cost Estimation

August 21, 2019 | 2:41 p.m

Mariah Woody

"Truly I am thankful for this wonderful opportunity to be here at JPL and It's a blessing to have been selected to show my skills and capabilities in front of a wonderful team of people on the Spitzer Project. It has been great working with two awesome mentors. You both are amazing people and I really appreciate the time you've spent mentoring me these past few months. You have both gone Above and Beyond "Spitzer" for me by allowing me to gain access to loads of information from your resources and connections. I am excited to see what comes next as I continue to work hard and receive more experience for my career."

Mariah Woody, Spitzer Project Section 394B

August 14, 2019 | 3:30 p.m

Lauren Miller

"I would like to thank my mentors, Dr. Gael Roudier and Dr. Mark Swain, for their constant support and guidance throughout the past three years. I am extremely fortunate to have been able to work with the same group studying exoplanet atmospheres each summer, and to be able contribute to meaningfully to a project. Every time that I return as a summer intern, I am consistently taken aback by the welcoming atmosphere of the community, both in my group and as a whole. It has become a place where I know that I will be treated with the level of respect that I deserve as a professional scientist, despite the fact that I am only still a student. As a result, this culture has allowed me to thrive as an independent researcher, and I have watched myself evolve. At JPL, I am given the chance to fuel my curiosity through several opportunities to learn and to discover more about the universe. I will take these experiences, and the numerous connections that I have made professionally and socially, with me through the rest of my career. These are the reasons, amongst many others, that support why I have chosen each summer to come back to this campus where I feel that I belong."

Lauren Miller, Exoplanet Discovery and Science (3262)

August 14, 2019 | 3:19 p.m

Thomas Vossler

"I toured JPL with my high school Math Club in 2014, and I have been trying to get back here ever since! This internship was an incredibly rewarding experience. I consider myself very lucky to have been part of such a brilliant community for the summer. Thank you to Bryan Kobie, and the rest of the Cost Engineering Department #EstimationNation."

Thomas Vossler, Cost Engineering 2511

August 14, 2019 | 3:18 p.m

"Working for NASA's JPL has been one of the most exciting and memorable internships I've ever had! I love the work that I was assigned but this experience would not have been the same without my mentor Jorge Vazquez. Jorge is the kindest, most patient and humorous person you will ever meet! He's full of smiles, passion, and he absolutely loves his job. I am lucky to have worked under him and grateful to call him my mentor. Thank you to everyone at JPL for this summer experience!"

Enlylh S. King, Earth Science Division: Physical Oceanography Distributed Active Archive Center

August 14, 2019 | 3:18 p.m

Jemma Dickson

"Thanks for making me feel so welcome in the lab! #PrebioticMemesForOHLQueens"

Jemma Dickson, 32

August 14, 2019 | 2:17 p.m

Daniel Jaffe

"It is hard to isolate a single experience at JPL as this entire internship has been life changing. The ways in which I was challenged to think on my toes and strategically problem solve have equipped me in ways that school alone could not. Beyond that, I have developed friendships with so many new and like-minded individuals who all agree, science is cool! I am forever indebted to all of JPL, but especially to my mentor, Aaron Black, whose patience and good-spirited nature allowed me to overcome my imposter syndrome and to truly thrive."

Daniel Jaffe, CAE Software Environment

August 14, 2019 | 2:17 p.m

"My summer at JPL was a truly unforgettable experience. I loved hearing from researchers in all fields about their projects and the paths they took to get where they are today. Thank you so much Dr. Tzu-Ching Chang and Aaron Ewall-Wice for all your support throughout this internship."

Eleanor Stuart, 326 - Radio Cosmology

August 14, 2019 | 1:53 p.m


"In a few months I have met such a variety of brilliant people. Everyone was very open to talking about their work and happy to answer my questions and introduce me to more people. I have worked with some of the best, and wherever I end up I will always remember that."

Maciek, Section 312 - SPHEREx

August 14, 2019 | 1:47 p.m