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What's a memory from JPL that you'll take with you in your career? Or tell us what your JPL experience meant to you.
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Lauren Miller

"Thank you to Gaël Roudier, Mark Swain, and the entire Excalibur team for welcoming me into your group and providing me with an experience that helped me to grow as a student, scientist, and person. You provided me with the best guidance and were fantastic teachers. JPL gave me the chance to delve deep into research that I had a passion for. This summer, I was given the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream and I hope that I may return one day in the near future. For now, the sky's the limit!"

Lauren Miller, 326-Astrophysics and Space Science

August 28, 2017 | 5:06 p.m

Martina Stadler

"You know you have a great job when you can't spell the names of Jupiter's moons, and that stops you from doing your job. I want to thank my mentor, Nuno Filipe, for encouraging me to not only produce results, but also to grow personally."

Martina Stadler, 3443 - Guidance & Control

August 17, 2017 | 6:01 p.m

Naomy Geddes

"The people from JPL become your family away from home. They support, help, and guide you on your path to success. The people who work here are what make the experience worth while."

Naomy Geddes, 356E - Cable Fabrication & Production Engineering

August 15, 2017 | 11:53 a.m

Olivia Garcia

"As an agricultural business major interning here at JPL, I knew I was going to be quite the odd one out among the interns here this summer, but my mentor, Myche, was nothing short of welcoming. When we weren't talking about work, we talked about all things agriculture, everything ranging from my future farm to National Cow Appreciation Day. He made me feel right at home here at JPL, and I cannot thank him enough. I also want to thank my officemate, Kae, for her never-ending patience with all the beeping coming from the jukebox (and for showing me that goats can climb trees!). They have allowed me to be myself here and have truly given me the best internship experience this summer. I hope to see them, and many more on my future farm!"

Olivia Garcia, 398B -- LSMD

August 15, 2017 | 11:52 a.m

"Thanks to my mentor Geoff Bryden for giving me the opportunity to start work on a project that I hope to expand into a full PhD thesis, and for showing me that gravitational microlensing has a very bright future in the role of exoplanetary detection and characterization."

Savannah Jacklin, UKIRT Microlensing Survey

August 11, 2017 | 9:16 a.m

Helena Wu, Jessica Gonzalez, Rafael Fueyo-Gomez

"Shoutout to our mentor, Marc Pomerantz for giving us such a rewarding learning experience. We're so glad that we had the opportunity to explore JPL and talk to some fascinating people working here!"

Helena Wu, Jessica Gonzalez, Rafael Fueyo-Gomez, 347D

August 11, 2017 | 9:16 a.m

Sourish Ghosh

"I will be forever grateful to my mentor, Dr. Masahiro Ono, for all his support. Without his constant help, this internship wouldn't have been a reality for me. I'm a big NASA fan ever since I was a small kid and working on Mars Rovers at JPL was like a dream come true. I would also like to thank Dr. Kyohei Otsu (who's literally a superhuman) and everyone else at 347 who helped me on my project. You guys are the real Jedi!"

Sourish Ghosh, 347E (Mars Rover AutoNav)

August 11, 2017 | 9:16 a.m

Cole Eastlund

"It meant the world being here at the happiest place in the world, well it is for me! I just hope to come back every summer!"

Cole Eastlund, 347C

August 9, 2017 | 4:02 p.m

"I would like to thank my colleague Chi Ao who actually brought me here to JPL. I would like to also extend my gratitude to Tony Mannucci and Attila Komjathy as well as my two close colleagues Eric Wang and Panagiotis Vergados. You guys have been in my presentations every week taking your precious time to provide excellent arguments and discussion as well as teaching me how to understand and use GPSRO. To all of you a big thanks! I have enjoyed my stay at JPL, working as part of the team since the first day. The motivation in this team is amazing, despite the very old chairs and desks ... but hey, it has been a great honor to be here sharing and openly discussing our science. I enjoyed discussing and having lunch every day with my office mate, Clara Chew, who is a rising star, and Jake, Siddharth and Giorgio; you guys rock! This is a truly amazing team, very multidisciplinary, working at a very high level ready to undertake every possible opportunity to push the boundaries of science and technology. Congratulations! you have deeply impressed me! And, it is going to be hard to leave but hey I'll be back! In addition, I would like to thank JPLers that took the time to get on the phone and discuss research avenues and explore new possibilities or simply share a couple of hours at lunch discussing research and science experiences. Thanks! I also would like to highlight that even before arriving here I have had calls from Nadine to arrange for a place for me to stay and for giving the best advice on where to search for and what to do for rentals. Thanks, Nadine. I'll miss you and your afternoon chocolates! Last I'd like to also give immense thanks to the great and visionary people in the office of education at JPL, Petra, Linda and Andrea and especially Adrian."

Javier Fochesatto, GPSRO Application to Polar Atmospheres - Ionosphere and Atmospheric Remote sensing.

August 9, 2017 | 2:37 p.m