A collage of cartoon spacecraft, asteroids, Earth and rover on a lunar surface surround text that reads π NASA Pi Day Challenge. A cat sitting on the π symbol reaches toward a laser pointed in its direction. Stars in the shape of the π symbol fill the bac


Thursday, March 7 - Friday, March 15


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Update: March 15, 2024 – The answers to the 2024 NASA Pi Day Challenge are here! Take a peek at the illustrated answer key now available under each problem on the NASA Pi Day Challenge page.

NASA is joining schools, students, and science centers across the U.S. to celebrate one of the most well known and beloved numbers: pi. Pi Day gives us a reason to celebrate the mathematical wonder that helps NASA explore the universe. And we're giving students a chance to join in the fun by using pi to explore Earth and space themselves in our 2024 NASA Pi Day Challenge.

Start by getting a primer on the challenge and how pi is used at NASA from our Teachable Moments series.

Then, jump right into the challenge and explore our full collection of Pi Day resources below.

NASA Pi Day Challenge Resources

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