Splotches of orange, yellow, green, and white cover the surface of Io, which looks like a spherical cheese pizza.


Flybys on Dec. 30, 2023, and Feb. 3, 2024


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Now that NASA's Juno mission has completed its primary science goals at Jupiter, mission planners are tweaking the spacecraft's orbit to send it past some of Jupiter's most fascinating moons. Io – notable for the more than 150 active volcanoes that splotch its surface like a bubbling cheese pizza – is next on the docket with two planned flybys this school year.

Keep an eye on the Juno mission website for updates and images from the first flyby on Dec. 30, 2023 that you can use to engage students before the second flyby on Feb. 3, 2024.

Explore ways to get students engaged in STEM while following along with the mission at the links below.

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