Artist's rendering of the Psyche spacecraft with the International Space Apps Challenge logo beside it


October 7-8 (registration by Sept. 30 recommended)



Target Audience:

All ages, experiences, and interests welcome


Each October, over the course of two days, coders, entrepreneurs, scientists, designers, storytellers, makers, builders, artists, and technologists come together for the NASA International Space Apps Challenge. Participants create in-person and virtual teams to solve challenges we face on Earth and in space. The challenge returns this year on October 7-8 with NASA and its Space Agency Partners inviting people of all ages from around the world to take part in this free hackathon.

The 2023 hackathon features challenges ranging from designing a solution to better monitor wildfires to sharing the wonder of the Artemis mission to mapping moonquakes to planning a party for the upcoming launch of the Psyche mission to a metal asteroid. 

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Note: Registration by September 30 recommended

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