Moon phases for November 2020 include the third quarter moon on November 8, a new moon on November 15, the first quarter moon on November 21 and a full moon on November 30.


Monday, November 9 - Friday, November 20, before dawn (Nov. 9-12) and after sunset (Nov. 17-20)


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You may have marveled at how brightly a full moon can light up a nighttime landscape, but have you noticed how Earth can illuminate the night side of the Moon? This eerily beautiful glow is called Earthshine. It's sunlight that's been reflected off of Earth, then bounced off the Moon and back to our eyes.

Earthshine is easiest to observe in the few days before and after a new moon, when the part of the Moon that's directly lit by the Sun appears as a slim crescent. In November, the best times to see the Moon illuminated by Earth's glow are:

  • Before dawn November 9-12*
  • After sunset November 17-20

*For an added treat on Nov. 12, spot the planet Venus just below the illuminated Moon.

Learn more in this month's episode of NASA's "What's Up" video series:

Here's what you can see in the sky in November 2020. | Watch on YouTube

For more details and skywatching tips, visit NASA's Solar System Exploration website.

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Events are based on visibility in the Northern Hemisphere. Dates and clock times are for the Pacific time zone unless otherwise noted.