Mission Control Systems Deep Learning Group (393K)

Welcome To The Mission Control Systems Deep Learning Group!

We are advancing AI in Space Applications and Mission Control Systems. Our research areas are focused on developing advanced machine learning technologies to address NASA’s short- and long-term goals.

The Mission Control Systems Deep Learning Group is a cutting edge software technology group at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory that:

• Develops and deploys technologies for providing improved situational awareness and response in the context of complex systems.
• Provides leadership in development of machine learning technologies, including statistics-based approaches, deep learning algorithms and reasoning systems.
• Infuses these technologies into mission end-to-end information systems to lower costs, increase safety and reliability as well as data confidentiality and availability.
• Develops reasoning-based analytics for cyber security to address mission integrity and national security needs.
• Applies and deliver our technologies to solve problems of national importance.
• Collaborates with leading academic institution to train the next generation of data scientists and software engineers.

For more information about working with our group, please contact David Hanks.