NASA- and JPL-managed missions are using social-networking Web sites like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook to inform the public about the missions. JPL also has its own blog, with posts from scientists and engineers.

The following is a list of JPL-managed missions and projects and links to their social-networking pages.

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› NASAJPL Students

› Space Place

› SciJinks

› JPL Postdoctoral Programs

› Curiosity Mars Rover

› Mars Exploration Rovers

› Phoenix Mars Lander

› Juno Mission to Jupiter

› Cassini Mission to Saturn

› JPL Technology

NASAJPL on Twitter

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Space and mission updates from JPL.

› NASAJPL Education

Space-related educational activities and resources for teachers and families.

› AsteroidWatch

Get the latest news about asteroids.

› CassiniSaturn

Follow Cassini in its tour of the Saturn System.

› NASAJuno

Follow the Juno spacecraft on its journey to Jupiter.

› EarthVitalSigns

Track the latest NASA news about global climate change.

› MarsRovers

Keep tabs on the twin Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity.

› MarsPhoenix

Check out the award-winning Twitter page for the Mars Phoenix Lander.

› Mars Curiosity

Stay ahead of the crowd and get updates on the next rover going to Mars.

› PlanetQuest

Join the hunt for Earth-like planets.

› Space Place

For elementary age kids and parents.

› SciJinks

Learn about predicting global weather patterns.

Technology on Twitter

› JPL Technology

Follow technology development at JPL.

Dawn on Twitter

› NASA Dawn

Follow the Dawn mission as it orbits the two most massive bodies in the asteroid belt.

Bring space to your computer with our out-of-this-world videos.

› JPLnews YouTube

Managing many of NASA's robotic missions exploring Earth, the solar system and our universe. Photos from JPL's News Office.

› NASA-JPL Instagram page

Beautiful image of planets, stars and Earth.

› NASA-JPL flickr page

Read posts and add comments about cool space topics.

› JPL Blog

Tune in for live chats with JPL scientists and engineers.


Access the latest JPL news, videos and images from your phone.

› Mobile: JPL on the Go!