Powerful, Pulsating Core of Star

September 16, 2014

Pulse of a Dead Star Powers Intense Gamma Rays

When the most massive stars explode as supernovas, they don't fade into the night, but sometimes glow ferociously with high-energy gamma rays.

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Image depicts the primary landing site on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

September 15, 2014

'J' Marks the Spot for Rosetta's Lander

The European Space Agency's Rosetta mission has chosen the primary and backup cometary landing sites for its November landing attempt.

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Artist's rendering of NASA's ISS-RapidScat instrument (inset)

September 12, 2014

NASA's Wind-Watching ISS-RapidScat Ready for Launch

The fourth SpaceX cargo mission to the International Space Station, carrying the JPL-built ISS-RapidScat instrument, is scheduled to launch Sept. 20.

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Distinct Terrains on Rosetta's Comet

September 11, 2014

First Map of Rosetta's Comet

Scientists on the Rosetta mission have mapped several distinctive regions on the nucleus of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

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This image from NASA's Mars Curiosity rover shows the

September 11, 2014

NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover Arrives at Martian Mountain

NASA's Mars Curiosity rover has reached Mount Sharp, a Mount-Rainier-size mountain at the center of the vast Gale Crater and the rover mission's long-term prime destination.

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NASA's UAVSAR Studies Ground Deformation from Napa California Quake

September 10, 2014

NASA Research Aids Response to California Napa Quake

NASA data and expertise are proving invaluable in California's ongoing response to the Aug. 24 magnitude 6.0 earthquake in Napa Valley, northeast of San Francisco.

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Mars Rover Curiosity in Artist's Concept, Close-up

September 9, 2014

NASA Telecon to Discuss Mars Curiosity Science Plans

NASA will host a telecon at 10 a.m. PDT (1 p.m. EDT) Thursday, Sept. 11, to discuss mission status and the future science campaign for the Mars rover Curiosity mission.

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Rover Tracks in Northward View Along West Rim of Endeavour

September 9, 2014

Mars Rover Opportunity's Vista Includes Long Tracks

Wheel tracks from about a month of driving on Mars recede into the distance in a recent color view captured by the Pancam on NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity.

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September 9, 2014

Spitzer's SPLASH Project Dives Deep for Galaxies

Astronomers "fishing" for galaxies turn up surprisingly massive catch.

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Shadows and Rings

September 8, 2014

Bright Clumps in Saturn Ring Now Mysteriously Scarce

A NASA-funded study finds a drop in the number of bright clumps in one of Saturn's rings over the past 30 years, suggesting small moonlets there have been on the decline.

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