Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2

Orbiting Carbon Observatory Orbiting Carbon Observatory

The Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2 is a planned replica of the Orbiting Carbon Observatory spacecraft, depicted in this artist's concept, which suffered a launch vehicle failure in 2009. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
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Mission Summary

The Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2, or OCO-2, is a planned Earth satellite mission to study carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and provide scientists with a better idea of the chemical compound's impacts on climate change.

The satellite is a replica of the original Orbiting Carbon Observatory that was scheduled to launch in early 2009, but was unsuccessful due to a launch vehicle failure. Plans to proceed with the satellite are currently on hold pending an evaluation of launch services options for the spacecraft.

Scientific Instrument(s)

- Spectrometer system

Acronym: OCO-2
Type: Orbiter
Status: Future
Launch Date: July 01, 2014
Target: Earth
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