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Mission Vehicle CLI Launch Date Location
M-Cubed/COVE Delta-II ELaNa-III (on orbit) 10/21/11 Vandenberg AFB, CA
M-Cubed/COVE-2 Atlas-V ELaNa-II (on orbit) 12/05/13 Vandenberg AFB, CA
IPEX Atlas-V ELaNa-II (on orbit) 12/05/13 Vandenberg AFB, CA
RACE Antares Orb-3 10/28/14 Wallops Flight Facility, VA
GRIFEX Delta-II ELaNa-X 01/29/15 Vandenberg AFB, CA
LMRST* (in work) LEO NET-2015  
ISARA (in work) LEO NET-2016  
INSPIRE (in work) Earth Escape NET-2016  
CHIRP* (in work) LEO TBD  

* Proposed Mission - Pre-decisional - for Planning and Discussion Purposes Only

JPL Project Contacts
Role Name Contact (
JPL Engineering and Science Directorate POC Charles D. Norton
Principal Investigator, IPEX Steve A. Chien
Principal Investigator, LMRST* Courtney B. Duncan
Principal Investigator, ISARA Richard E. Hodges
Principal Investigator, INSPIRE Andrew T. Klesh
Principal Investigator, RACE Boon H. Lim
Principal Investigator, MCubed/COVE-2 Paula J. Pingree
Principal Investigator, GRIFEX David M. Rider
Principal Investigator, CHIRP* Andrew Romero-Wolf

University Partners
University Name Projects
California Polytechnic, San Luis Obispo Jordi Puig-Suari
John Bellardo
University of Michigan James Cutler MCubed/COVE-2, GRIFEX, INSPIRE
University of Texas, Austin Glenn Lightsey INSPIRE, RACE
Stanford University Andrew Kalman LMRST*