Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer


Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE)

This movie shows the progression of NASA's Near-Earth Object Wide-field Survey Explorer (NEOWISE) investigation.

NASA's Asteroid-Hunting Spacecraft a Discovery Machine

NASA's Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (NEOWISE) mission has released its third year of survey data of asteroid and comet discoveries.

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Artist's concept illustrates a close-up view of a cool brown dwarf NASA-funded Website Lets the Public Search for New Nearby Worlds

NASA is inviting the public to help search for possible undiscovered worlds in the outer reaches of our solar system and in neighboring interstellar space.

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Artist's rendition of 2016 WF9 NASA's NEOWISE Mission Spies One Comet, Maybe Two

NASA's NEOWISE mission has recently discovered some celestial objects traveling through our neighborhood, including one on the blurry line between asteroid and comet.

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Infrared Echoes of a Black Hole Eating a Star Studies Find Echoes of Black Holes Eating Stars

Supermassive black holes, with their immense gravitational pull, are notoriously good at clearing out their immediate surroundings by eating nearby objects.

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Wise Blog

Amy Mainzer, a scientist and instrument builder, is deputy project scientist for the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer. This spaceborne telescope, scheduled to launch in 2009, will survey the entire sky.

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