Scientists and Engineers in our show

The hosts of the show are
Alice and Randii Wessen
husband and wife team
Alice is the leader of the technology team
and Randii is an engineer

Dr. Yoseph Bar-Cohen
Mechanisms & Robotic Technologies Group

Dr. Duane Bindschadler
Science Planning and Operations, Galileo Mission

James Butts
Solar Ambassador

Dr. John L. Callas
science manager,
Mars Exploration Rover Project

Naging Cox
system engineer,
Mars 2003 Exploration

Ann Devereaux
system engineer,
Wireless Communications Systems

Stephen J. Edberg
Cassini Investigation Scientist

Lloyd French
task manager,
Space Instruments Implementation Section

Dr. Jackie Green
Comet Nucleus Sample Return

Robert Hogg
cognizant engineer,
Urban Robot Project

Bernardo Lopez
research engineer,
Thermal and Propulsion Engineering Section

Dr. Neville Marzwell
technical manager,
Advanced Concepts & Technology Innovation

Dr. Marc Rayman
Deep Space 1 Project

Dr. Michelle Thaller
Caltech Astronomer

Jorge Vazquez