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artist's concept of Genesis
Artist's concept of Genesis

Chet Sasaki
Chet Sasaki
Genesis Project Mgr.
Chet's biography
  Genesis Webcast
Kids Get Down with Gravity
Available starting Thursday, February 21, 2002
10 a.m. (Pacific)

Click here for the webcast. video icon

If you don't have RealPlayer, you can download the free RealPlayer 8 Basic.

To celebrate National Engineer's Week, Genesis mission project manager Chet Sasaki and JPL engineer Jennie Johannesen will lead a classroom activity with the help of Alta Loma, California high school teacher Tom Curley and three of his high school students.

Teachers can download the activity before watching the webcast.

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  Genesis collector arrays
Genesis collector arrays

Jennie Johannesen
Jennie Johannesen
Trajectory Analyst
Jennie's biography

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