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Dr. Karina Edmonds
Dr. Karina Edmonds

Gerardo Flores
Gerardo Flores
  Explorers: The Next Generation

Students and JPLers Celebrate Black History Month
The webcast has been postponed. Please check this page for further updates.

Click here for the webcast. 

Before the webcast, we will be streaming NASA TV.
If you don't have RealPlayer, you can download the free RealPlayer 8 Basic.

What inspires each of us to choose our career paths?
A group of JPL scientists and engineers will share their personal experiences and motivations in a live webcast with local middle-school students from Pasadena, California.

"Explorers: The Next Generation" has been postponed. Check back for the new time.
  Shonte Wright
Shonte Wright

Ken Brown
Kenneth Brown

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