Engineers make the finishing touches readying Aquarius for launch.


Aquarius Update 4

I'm Amit Sen, the Aquarius project manager. This is just an exciting day and we are just about days away from getting this mission launched.

We have finished with the fairing installation that covers the entire spacecraft with a small little hole left behind to do the last-minute check.

This fairing covers the spacecraft and will not come off until about five minutes into the launch, where it will come off in space, exposing the spacecraft to the space environment.

The next few days will be about charging the battery to make sure that the spacecraft is charged at all times, because the next charge will be when the solar panel opens and it gets charged by the sunlight.

The rocket will be fueled in the next few days, once again, to get it ready for the great day coming up to get it launched up into space. This is Amit Sen bringing you an update to the launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base, SLC-2.
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