This movie features a simulation showing the changes to a portion of Saturn's F ring as the shepherding moon Prometheus swings by it.


Title - This animation is based on images obtained by cameras on NASA's Cassini spacecraft.

Title - Dance of Particles in Saturn's F Ring

Title - As the moon Prometheus swings by, particles in the F ring begin to dance.

Title - The gravitational pull of Prometheus starts the waltz.

Title - A pattern forms and is duplicated around the ring.

Title - Prometheus creates the "streamer-channel phenomenon."

Title - The moon pulls particles toward it like a streamer and disperses them in a channel.

Title - Scientists think the particles bunch up at the edges of the channels,

Title - causing clumping and objects to form.

Title - 60 days later

Title - Prometheus is passing by the same part of the F ring for a second time.

Title - The F ring is still rippling with the complicated patterns formed by the last visit.

Title - More streamer channels form.

Title - Perhaps this is why the structure of the F ring is so complex.

Title - NASA. Jet Propulsion Laboratory. California Institute of Technology.
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