Clara, Sugar Plum Fairy, move aside. Saturn's moons give Tchaikovsky's classic ballet, 'The Nutcracker,' a graceful new spin in this video compiled from some 61 images taken by the Cassini spacecraft.


Act 1 - Moon Jumble featuring Rhea, Janus, Mimas and Pandora

Act 2 - Moons in Motion featuring Tethys, Promethus and Pandora

Act 3 - Before a Veiled Rhea featuring Rhea and Mimas

Act 4 - Ring Shadows on Janus featuring Janus and sunlight passing through the Cassini Division in Saturn's rings

Act 5 - Catching Big Sister featuring Little moon Janus playing catch-up with big sister Rhea Images from the Cassini mission to Saturn, captured between Aug. 27 and Nov. 8, 2009

NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
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