Models and displays of Earth-observing missions were on display at Open House 2008.


Title: Earth Sciences

Title: JPL builds and operates roughly half of NASA's missions or instruments designed to study the Earth from space.

Title: These satellites measure sea surface height, accurate to centimeters, in order to determine the temperature and circulation of the oceans.

This helps gather important information on...

Title: Global Warming

Ralph Basilio, Deputy Project Manager, Ocean Surface Topography Mission - The Ocean Surface Topography Mission is going to be a follow-on to an Earth or a sea-level height experiment that started with Topex Poseidon.

We are all excited about this particular mission because the data over the last 15 years from Topex and from Jason has shown that

sea level has been rising on the order of about 3 millimeters a year.

Title: Severe Weather Activity

Tony Freeman, Program Manager, Earth Science Research and Advanced Concepts - This is the Soil Moisture Active Passive Mission. It's a mission to measure soil moisture at the top levels of the soil.

It's going to improve weather forecast, it will improve our ability to predict drought, so that's what this mission will give us a picture.

Title: Environmental Conditions

David Crisp, Principal Investigator, Orbiting Carbon Observatory - Over the next 2 years we are going to be getting some of the best data we have ever acquired.

That information is absolutely critical for understanding how carbon dioxide will be affecting our climate in the future.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory - California Institute of Technology
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