Astronaut E. Michael Finke, commander of the Expedition 18 crew currently aboard the International Space Station, has sent a congratulatory video message to NASA's Mars Exploration Rover team in honor of the rovers' fifth anniversary.


Hi I'm Mike Fincke, Commander of the International Space Station, Expedition 18 and on behalf of my crew, and the entire International Space Station team I would like to extend our hearty congratulations to the Mars Exploration Rovers Team for your fifth-year anniversary on Mars.

I'd like to recognize and say hello to Steve Squyres, principal investigator, Project Manager John Callas and Project Scientist Bruce Banerdt and all of other scientists, all the other engineers, all the other technicians, administrative assistants, everybody who's helped out on this grand adventure.

You guys are really paving the way for humanity to go to the stars.

So you guys have done incredible work and here aboard the International Space Station we're also working towards humanity going on to the stars.

We're really proud of you, really glad to be on the same team, so congratulations from the International Space Station.

NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
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