Southern California students race miniature cars suspended on a wire in this year's Invention Challenge engineering contest, proving that math and science can be fun and entertaining.



(Screen text: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 2008 Invention Challenge, Aerial Car Race)

(Referee) We're ready! Timer's ready!

3-2-1. Go!


(Screen text: Paul MacNeal, JPL Engineer, Invention Challenge Organizer) The idea of the Invention Challenge is to show students that math and science can lead to some very fun and entertaining projects.

And by having them come to JPL and see JPL engineers working side by side with them, they can actually appreciate the fact that engineering might be a fun and challenging career for everybody to get into.

We're really encouraging everybody to pursue it in college and hopefully, try to get into the engineering field.

The ideas involved either propulsion, electric motors -- there was even a propeller with a rubber band.

Alright, now the first place award in the 2008 JPL Invention Challenge goes to La Canada High School. (Applause)

(Paul MacNeal)
The amount of creativity out there is so great and we have to tap into it and focus it so that we can get these students to pursue worthwhile careers in engineering.

(Screen text: NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology)
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