Images of Mars, Saturn, Earth and distant galaxies - taken by JPL-managed missions and instruments - make up this digital photo album.


JPL Space Album Summer 2008

Phoenix arrives on Mars.

The lander confirms the presence of water in Martian soil.

The Mars rovers Opportunity, seen here, and Spirit keep working through their third winter on the red planet.

Spitzer reveals a new view of the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

Hubble spies this delicate ribbon of gas.

Baby stars are sprinkled throughout this galaxy.

Fires in Big Sur, California, are seen from space.

Smoke clouds from fires billow over the Pacific Ocean.

Hurricanes are tracked from space.

Cassini wraps up a four-year tour at Saturn and begins a new adventure...

Saturn's moon Enceladus extended mission focusing on the planet, its moons and rings.

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