Exciting news about Saturn's moons and distant galaxies, future missions to Earth's moon and promising findings about hurricanes on Earth were just a few of the developments in 2007.


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January 2007
Saturn's moon Titan has liquid lakes

Earth-observing instrument tracks origin and movement of water vapor

February 2007
Spitzer Telescope collects light from planets outside our solar system

March 2007
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter provides new views of rover sites

Cassini: Enceladus geysers mask length of Saturn’s day

April 2007
Spitzer Telescope finds planets thrive around stellar twins

May 2007
Mars rover Spirit unearths evidence of wetter past at Guvev Crater

June 2007
Cassini team finds possible activity on Saturn’s moons Dione and Tethys

July 2007
Rovers brave severe dust storms on Mars

August 2007
Phoenix launches on a journey to Mars

Greenland Moulin Exploration studies ice flow dynamics

September 2007
Dawn on its way to encounters with asteroids Vesta and Ceres

Main engines start. One, zero and liftoff of the Delta II rocket with Dawn, using ion propulsion to reach the catalysts of our solar system.

Voyagers mark 30 years of flight

The Cassini spacecraft captures close-up views of the moon Iapetus

October 2007
NASA extends operations for Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity

JPL to lead lunar robotic surface mobility

November 2007
CloudSat data shows promise for determining hurricane strength

December 2007
GRAIL mission selected to study our moon’s interior

JPL’s Wide Field & Planetary Camera 2 sends new views of Mars

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