Spirit has completed a task while Opportunity gets ready to image Victoria Crater.


Spirit revisits "Tyrone" and Opportunity drives past 10Km mark. Hello, I am Dina Eldeeb from the Mars Exploration Rover project and I will be providing the flight director report for today Monday, February 12, 2007. It is now late evening on sol 1106 for Spirit. Spirit has completed its IDD campaign of the "Montalva" target, which is located along the troll outcrop. Spirit then drove about 12 meters back to "Tyrone" to look at some white soil targets. In the upcoming weeks spirit will make the long trek back to "Mitchelltree Ridge", an area of great scientific interest.

On the other side of the planet, it is sol 1086, early morning for Opportunity. Opportunity's odometer passed the ten kilometer mark or 6.2 miles on sol 1080. This is ten time the design requirement for the vehicle. Congratulations to the team for reaching this milestone. In the upcoming week, Opportunity will image Victoria Crater, looking for entry ways into and out of the crater. That's all for today, I'm Dina Eldeeb and that's what happening on Mars today.
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