I'm Jake Matijevic from the Mars Exploration project and I will be giving the flight director's report today for the 22nd of January 2007. This week we celebrate the third anniversary of Opportunity's landing on Mars it joins Spirit with three years of continuous operations on the surface of Mars. We congratulate both vehicles and our operations team for achieving this milestone. This is also sol 1085 at Gusev crater and Spirit has continued its campaign of remote science measurements there at the south of 'Low Ridge" area in the south basin. It will continue to do MI's and APXS measurements over the course of the next couple of days wrapping up its investigation on sites called "Montalva" and "Riquelme" in this location before moving on at the end of this week further into the south basin.

On the other side of the planet, itis sol 1065 and Opportunity has been performing a remote science campaign at this site called "Bay of Toil" . Opportunity moved over the weekend towards a promontory that was visible from the "Bay of Toil" called "Cape Desire" and will be looking back towards the "Bay of Toil" to acquire the remaining images of this location. Opportunity will continue to be making these measurements at the various locations along the rim of "Victoria Crater" as it performs a long term investigation of this crater and also looks for sites where possibly it can possible enter the crater in the near future.

Both vehicles are healthy at this point and that's what's going on Mars today thank you.
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