Spirit is moving away from its winter haven and Opportunity is reaching new vistas.


I'm Jake Matijevic from the Mars Exploration Rover project and I'll be giving the flight director report for today, November 17, 2006. It is sol 1022 at Gusev Crater where Spirit is located. It has recently completed the large panorama of the area where it is positioned. That pan, the McMurdo pan was transmitted during the past several weeks. Today, Spirit will be moving on from it's location here at the winter haven site in Gusev Basin to a location where an outcrop of rocks will be avialble for in-situ measurements.

On the other side of the planet, its sol 1001 on Opportunity, which is currently moving to another location in its campaign of remote imaging of "Victoria Crater". This pattern of motion around the crater to so called vista locations where opportunity can take pictures of the crater and parts of the rim area. (This) is all apart of a campaign which Opportunity will continue for the next several months.

Both vehicles are healthy. It's the late winter going into early spring on Mars and that's the report from Mars today.
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