Did you ever wonder how NASA spots asteroids that maybe getting too close to Earth for comfort? Watch and learn.


How do we spot Near-Earth asteroids?

To start, survey telescopes scan the sky.

When multiple pictures of the same spot show a speck that's moving, computers automatically check it against a database of known objects.

If there's no match, it gets added to a list of objects to confirm.

And if it looks like it'll pass very close to us, we give it top priority.

Then it's time to call in reinforcements!

More astronomers - from NASA, other institutions, and even the amateur community - submit additional observations.

Each new data point helps refine the projected path, and this asteroid it going to fly right on by.

All the info will be posted online so it can continue to be tracked and monitored.

Nice work, Planetary Defense team -- keep watching the skies!

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