JPLers pounded the pavement in celebration of a Mars marathon milestone. Opportunity rover took 11 years and 2 months to clock 26.2 miles. The team's time was considerably less.


Welcome to the Mars marathon here at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

(Cheers) (Music)

Are you ready?

Get set.



We're doing this in celebration of the Mars marathon that the rover Opportunity has accomplished on Mars.

We expected at most to go maybe half a mile on the surface of Mars and it has completed the 26.2 on the surface of Mars.

It's the first time that any human device has ever traveled more than a marathon's distance on the surface of another world.

We're running it as a series of laps around the laboratory, totaling the distance of a marathon.

So we have about 90 runners that are running in relay teams and over the course of the day they will complete that 26.2 miles.


This is not the finish line for the rover, but merely just another milepost in its tremendous accomplishments of exploration and discovery on Mars.

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