NuSTAR is showing that exploding stars slosh around before blasting apart. This 3-D computer simulation demonstrates how the supernova explosion might look.


NuSTAR is untangling the mystery of how stars explode.

Here we're looking at a simulation of a supernova explosion of a massive star that's collapsing in on itself.

Shown in color is the temperature of the gas as the star is exploding.

What happens is that hot bubbles at the center of the core blast out through the shockwave, ripping the star apart.

This leaves behind a pattern of radioactive ash that NuSTAR can observe hundreds of years later.

What was interesting about that data was that it didn't look like anything like any of the models we expected before launch.

This is actually very good reason why we build instruments and try to go into new energy bands, because you get new discovery space. You have new things that you didn't expect to see before.
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