Relive the worldwide sensation of the Curiosity rover's historic landing on Mars with audiences across the country who watched the live events unfold.


Things are looking good. Coming up on entry.
Vehicle reports entry interface.
At this time it will be pressurizing the propulsion system to increase the thrust of the system.
We'll use that for all the maneuvering in the atmosphere we're about to do.
We are standing by for start of guided entry.
We're beginning to feel the atmosphere as we go in here.
Vehicle has just reported via tones that it has started guided entry.
At this time the vehicle is beginning to steer its way to the target.
We have seen peak deceleration.
Starting the first bank reversal.
Alright, it is reporting that we are seeing G's on the order of 11 or 12 earth G's
Bank reversal 2 is starting
We are now getting telemetry from Odyssey
We should have parachute deploy around Mach 1.7
Parachute has deployed!
We are decelerating!
Heat shield has separated, we are locked on the ground.
We're down to 90 meters per second at an altitude of 6.5 kilometers and descending
Standing by for backshell separation
We are in powered flight
We are at 1.2 kilometers and descending
Standing by for sky crane. Sky crane is starting.
Signal from Odyssey remains strong
Touchdown confirmed! We're safe on Mars!
Cheering. Applause.
Now we'll see where Curiosity will take us!
Cheering. Applause.
Wow, it brings out the best in us
Cheering. Applause
Tumbnails are complete. We got thumbnails
It's a wheel! It's a wheel!
Wild cheers. Applause.
Chanting: JPL, JPL, JPL...
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
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