A Mars rover driver pays tribute to author and visionary, Ray Bradbury.


Having Ray Bradbury here was incredible because in particular for Mars he really has been one of the voices from very very early on for going to Mars and exploring Mars long before we knew how to do it. He was taking us there in our minds.

Let me introduce you to some of the other people who drive the rover with me. So our rovers look just like this.

When he came to the operations room and we showed him the model of the rover and the large scale panoramic pictures that we've taken, the actual photographs of the surface of the planet. It was like watching him experience it as a child almost would experience it, just the wonderment; he has never lost that wonder for Mars that he's always conveyed in his books.

There you go. You're getting the hang of it already. We're going to have to hire you.

Showing him how we control the rover and using the simulator and letting him basically drive the simulator rover across the surface of the planet and letting him see the reality of that was very rewarding for us because we could tell how, how much it meant to him to see this that once that it was only fiction. That partly because of his vision and his sharing that vision with us that it's now become a reality and we're actually there.
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