High school teams go head to head in a robotics competition to create March madness robot-style!


3-2-1, go!
This robotics basketball is more mental, in that, you have to plan ahead.
You have to design the robot. It's more innovative rather than reactionary.
You know, every year is a challenge. We always have to come up with a different design.
This year, we spent about a week just designing.
We get a lot of ideas but there is also a lot of spirited debate, and I guess, eventually,
we either vote or just come to a consensus and that's how we make our decisions.
I learned a lot of technical skills, like how to program N-C-plus-plus.
Basically, I always wanted to go into engineering,
so I just learned so much about robotics and the mechanics about it.
I learned how to communicate. I learned how to build a robot.
I learned how to problem solve and get things done really quickly.
Everything I know about programming, electronics, It's all come from being on a FIRST team.
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
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