NASA's GRAIL mission has beamed back its first video of the far side of the moon. The imagery was taken on Jan. 19 by the MoonKAM aboard the mission's 'Ebb' spacecraft.


Maria Zuber: I'm Maria Zuber, Principal Investigator of NASA's GRAIL mission.

GRAIL is the first planetary robotic mission that includes an imaging experimen that's devoted entirely to education and outreach, called the MoonKAM system.

This video clip was made by Ebb as it flew above the surface of the moon that we don't see from Earth, from the north pole towards the south pole. The far side of the moon is extremely rugged.

The surface also contains many impact craters, which are preserved features from asteroids that hit the moon's surface after it formed.

The MoonKAM investigation will begin in March, when middle school students will have the opportunity to target interesting areas of the moon that they want to study. So stay tuned!

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
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