A global surface map from NASA's Mars Global Surveyor shows a heavily cratered terrain in Mars' southern hemisphere as well as that of the Valles Marineris canyon walls and the Olympus Mons aureole deposits.

The median of slopes in 35-km windows indicate the typical roughness on 300-meter baselines. The rougher nature of the heavily cratered terrain in the Southern Hemisphere is apparent, as well as that of Valles Marineris (12S, 289E) canyon walls and the Olympus Mons (18N, 227E) aureole deposits. The Northern Lowlands are smooth, especially Amazonis Planitia (16N, 202E), a region to the west of Olympus Mons, were typical median slopes on these baselines are often smaller than 0.1 degree. A shaded relief map of the topography is overlaid is monochrome.

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